How It Works — Recycalize

How It Works

In short, users list household items to sell, giveaway, rent or lend for free. These items are seen by users in the local area. Buyers and sellers communicate from within the app without disclosing their email or phone number, negotiate a price and time/place to meet. You exchange the item and money outside the app. You're done. You just prevented an item from ending up on a landfill.


De-Clutter your life: offer items

find your treasure : take ITEMS

Examples of items to list

Home & Garden

  • Lamp, lamp shade, bulbs
  • Fan, heater, humidifier
  • Compost, soil, fertilizer
  • Gardening tools
  • Ladder, drill, saw, pump


  • Phone, laptop, tablet
  • DVD player, speakers
  • Audio-video cables, HDMI
  • TV, stereo, projector
  • Camera, lens, telescope


  • Toys, lego set, board games
  • Clothes, Halloween costumes
  • Car seat, baby chair
  • Craft supplies
  • Bicycle, scooter, roller blades


  • Mattress, bed frame
  • Bunk bed, futon
  • Sofa, love seat, coffee table
  • Dining table, chairs
  • Shelf organizer, file cabinet
  • Desk, side table, TV stand


  • DVD, video games, CD
  • Books, moving boxes
  • Men's and women's clothes
  • Shoes, accessories
  • Hamster cage, pet supplies
  • Bicycle, car, motorcycle


  • Blender, mixer, juicer
  • Dinner set, silverware
  • French press, espresso maker
  • Cookbooks, bakeware