About Recycalize — Recycalize

We are a technology company based in San Francisco Bay Area with a mission to make it extremely easy to sell or giveaway used household items to others in the local area. Doing this at scale has many benefits.

  • This maximizes the use of the items we own, which in turn reduces the need for new items and the natural resources needed in manufacturing them.
  • Prevents these items from ending up on landfills and thus reducing the environmental impact of what we consume.
  • Circulation and reuse of items locally avoids the environmental impact of shipping the item.
  • Items that are used infrequently by their owners (tools, books, video games, ...) get utilized more and don't take up space in homes that don't need them.
  • People benefit from getting items they need for low prices or for free. This helps low income families.
  • Owners of these used items make money selling or renting them.
  • Owners feel good about the positive impact they are making in the world.

Contact Us

  • Downloaded the app and have question or need technical help? Please email us at "help@recycalize.com".
  • Interested in exploring Recycalize to potentially work with us? Please email us at "hr@recycalize.com".
  • Any other question / comment, you can reach us at "info@recycalize.com".
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